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Why Humans should be concerned with the Extinction Rate?

Why Humans should be concerned with the Extinction Rate?

There are several species these days that becomes obsolete or at a very risky extinction rates. Hence, extinction of certain specie can also cause the extinction of one or can cause a wave effect. Human should also be concerned with extinction rates because of few important reasons.

One among these reasons is that they are the one who are doing things that further triggered the extinction rates. This will not affect only one species, as what was mentioned earlier extinction is more like a chain, extinction rate of certain specie can probably trigger the extinction rates of the others. Therefore, as human or as specie that are more capable of controlling such circumstances, you would have to be fully aware of it.

Another reason is to make human realize the effect of the things that they are into as well as the things that they can continue doing. These things can include deforestation, resource mining, and urbanization. Being concerned with the extinction rates definitely open the eyes of most individuals of the effects that their activities can cause to nature.

Lastly, this can also open the eyes of people to the things that may cause them by their wrong activities. Once the natural calamity arises especially today that extinction rates are quickly increasing, they will realize the importance of being aware what is happening around especially in nature. The worst part is that, they will first experience trials and disasters because of the natural calamity for them to realize that it is vital for them to realize their wrong.

There are several species that are gone and are only known by history. This species include the dinosaurs , mammoths, and various animals from ice age. As a person, it is understandable for you to imagine what it looks like physically, well if people are aware of the extinction rates way back then, these species probably exist till now.


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