Why is ‘service’ important?

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Why is ‘service’ important?

There are many definitions for the word ‘service’. It can be defined as the work you do for others like a job, a form of duty, punishment, favour or an action done to help someone. It can also be the type of work done for customers of a restaurant, hotel, store or business establishment. Whatever the definition is, service can simply be understood as an ‘act done purposely towards others’.

Service is important because people require other people to take care of themselves especially those who in their present situation are not physically capable of doing so. For example is the case of the elderly people, mentally challenged persons, special children and hospital patients. Obviously without someone to take care of them, they will eventually die.

Service is the essence of any ‘customer-service’ related business like beauty shops, boutiques, food establishments, computer-repair shops, BPO-related companies and others.

Offering your services can earn you money. Nowadays, there are a lot of job positions which involves serving others such as cleaning services, cooking services and the most famous customer-relations services.

Service is everywhere and it can be done either voluntarily, professionally or both. The common denominator for providing your services is that you need to have a recipient, someone or something that you will dedicate your services to. You can offer your services in different forms such as serving others through community service; serving you country through patriotism or becoming a soldier; serve the elderly through care-giving services; serve the public through offering transportation and food services; offer customer services to business clients, medical and clinical services to the sick and of course, serving God by devoting yourself to Him. There are just so many ways wherein you can provide services to others.

In conclusion, service is important because all of us need someone to take care of us. As the saying goes ‘no man is an island’, we need each other to look after and support one another.

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