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Why is “https” crossed out?

When surfing the Internet, people may notice that some Websites or links show addresses with the “https” being crossed out.  Although this does not apply to all Internet browsers, many people have experienced this concern for browsers like Google Chrome. Some even point out that not only is the https crossed out, but the letters are also highlighted in a red font or color.  This particular concern has led many people to wonder why the https is crossed out in some sites and pages.

“HTTPS” refers to “HyperText Transfer Protocol” with “SSL” or “Secure Socket Layers.” For basic browsing and surfing the Internet, “HTTP” can handle every person’s needs.  But by adding additional security features like SSL, a particular Website is said to be safer to browse on or go to. Sites that require credit cards and other personal information, for example, have added “SSL” to their pages to ensure that private information is secured and to give assurance to all users or clients that their site is protected from unauthorized access from other people.  Because of the SSL feature, the address of the site will start with “HTTPS” instead of just “HTTP.”  But if an “HTTPS” addressed is crossed out by a particular browser, for example, experts report that it only warns or advises the user that the site he/she is going to may not be fully secured.  It’s like the browser is telling the user that it is not sure whether the data coming to and from a particular site is secured and encrypted.

Experts also point out that crossing out the “HTTPS” of the Website’s address serves as a visual guide to the user to check if the Website intended to be visited is indeed secure and protected.  It may also mean that not all features and parts of a particular Website come from a supposed secure location or server.  If a user, for example, sees that the site address has “HTTPS” and it is crossed out, he/she should just remind him/herself to continue with caution to ensure that his/her privacy is not breached or compromised.


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