Why Is Abortion An Issue?

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Why Is Abortion An Issue?

For those who do not know and are less informed, the act of abortion has been existent in almost every single society for centuries to date now. Under the Roman law, infanticide, abortion or the termination of an unborn child’s life was actually permitted and today, a huge and average of two thirds of the female population in the world are free to get an abortion legally. However, there are still the presence of the opposition, which is mostly comprised of Roman Catholics and conservative Christians.

Abortion, like Euthanasia or the death sentence is one of the most hotly talked about moral and social issues for the past decades! With powerful arguments from both the pro and anti-abortion groups, finding a common ground is beginning to look bleak. While the pro-life or anti-abortion group argues that preserving life at any cost is the absolute priority, the pro-choice or pro-abortion group emphasizes that every woman should be given the choice to bear a child or not. So to speak, a woman should have all the control to her body.

Abortion is thereafter the voluntary or forced termination of a pregnancy that thus results to the death or end of life of the embryo or fetus. To some countries, like the United States of America wherein choice is encouraged, abortion is actually legalized. However, there are also those strict Christian run governments who continue to go against this issue.

So why is abortion an issue? Simply because it tackles on human life, and abortion can definitely be closely associated to the murder of an unborn child. No matter how much we say that the child is still unborn, that small and innocent little being holds a life the moment it is conceived is his or her mother’s belly.

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