Why Is Acid Rain An Issue?

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Why Is Acid Rain An Issue?

Acid rain is an issue in most developed areas of the world. It happens when a precipitation or rain has a high sulfuric or nitric acid content. This is a common occurrence in cities that have industries using fossil fuels to generate their major industries and factories.

Cities that have high concentration of automobiles are more likely to suffer from this occurrence because the exhaust coming from automobiles are one of the main causes for this. The chemicals from the gases combine with the others found in the atmosphere. When there is too much of the bad stuff like sulfur and nitrogen, it then forms the dangerous sulfuric and nitric acids that are dangerous to most living creatures. Acid rain becomes an issue because of the negative effects that the acid has on the plants, animals and even structures that are damaged by this.

Acid rain has brought damage mostly in plants and animals. Studies show that because of acid rain, plants are suffering from immune diseases just like humans do. This has greatly decreased the number of trees even in areas considered protected by laws or declared as national parks. The trees may look like they are healthy but cannot actually cope up with the effects. Another area of concern where acid rain is an issue is with the contamination of water sources. Because rain eventually joins the underground water systems, which is our source of water, the toxic materials that come with it will contaminate the fresh water sources.

In the end, it is we humans and animals that are greatly affected by this issue because we depend on water and plants for nourishment. When nothing is done, acid rain will wash away everything that we all have worked hard for. There will be no food to neither eat nor water to drink. This is one environmental issue that must be addressed by all nations.

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