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Why is Addiction bad?

Why is addiction bad?

Addiction is most typically defined as continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it. There are various types of addiction that one can engage into. It can be drug addiction, alcohol or substance addiction or behavioral addiction. It often starts out as trying one, with the primary aims of seeking pleasure and fun. However, as time passes with the involvement of a substance or behavior, it becomes a need of doing it or dealing with it. In today’s modern era, the use of the word addiction has become broad as it can pertain to habits and activities that is more often practice or performed that the average human does.

While most people find no negative impact on the context of addiction, studies have revealed that addiction is considered to be a bad habit. For one, addiction has the potential of altering one’s perception on responsibilities, laws and legalities. Once an individual gets highly acquainted with the use of drugs, alcohol and other addictive substances and practices, the person get entailed to doing things that can be punishable and deemed to be highly illegal in the context of law and legal procedures.

Another reason why addiction is bad is because it can lead to complications that can, not only affect the person involved in addiction, but also the people surrounding him or her.

More so, studies regarding addiction have affirmed that no one form of addiction has evidently been found to be beneficial. In such light, it can be implied that addiction, regardless of the substance involved, is one condition that requires attention and serious concern.

Thus, it is vital that one consciously display concern to those individuals who are at high risk of getting involved in any forms of addiction.


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