Why is Advocacy Important?

Why is Advocacy Important?

There can be various reasons behind the importance of advocacy in Public. One of such reasons is that it can lead the public to the rightful and lawfully solutions to their needs and wants. Once individuals are working together, there will always be a great solution after.

Advocacy along with lobbying is a vital activity to bring about changes in the attitudes and mentality of people. Once they are united and are working for one goal then any laws can be changed, it also builds a great public trust. Can you figure out what will a town or a county is without advocacy?

Well, this can require much courage to imagine things because it can really be worse for a certain community to exist without advocacy and without a great understanding of why someone are doing or doing not a number of things. Advocacy can also centralize the way of living in a certain country or place. Once people are united with the same beliefs and wants, the tendency is that they will harmoniously work with each other for further achievement of their one main goal.

This can also contribute a lot to having peaceful and tranquil environment in a certain place. For instance, in a certain community that people are working as one helping each other, there will surely be no violence or crime unless of course if there is a traitor in their community. Actually advocacy is one factor that the whole world needs to develop so as for the young people to have a brighter and peaceful future.

Lack of advocacy in a certain place certainly causes worst scenarios, violence and even people get injured because of riots and crimes. Without advocacy, people would rather prefer to do unlawful things for them to survive. This can also be one main reason of wars between a country and another and another country.

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