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Why is Alabama’s mascot an Elephant?

Why is Alabama’s mascot an Elephant?

There is a lot of confusion over why the Alabama Crimson Tide has an elephant as their mascot, considering that their name really has nothing to do with the huge animal at all. The reason there is so much confusion is not only that the elephant has little to do with anything red or aquatics, but also because there have been a lot of theories as to the origins of the elephant being used as the school’s mascot. The reality is that it really isn’t too confusing at all.

The main reason why they chose to use the red elephant as their mascot is because back in the 30′s, pretty much out of no where, the whole football team came into the season a lot bigger than they were the previous season. The offensive and defensive lines were especially huge and were a big reason why the team was so successful. Word got around that the players looked like an elephant herd stomping opponents into the ground.

The name easily could have gone away as quickly as the seniors that year graduated, but it stuck because of all of the success that the team had with it. This is the story with a lot of college teams and will continue to happen going into the future because people are very superstitious for the most part.When a sports team goes on a winning streak, whatever is being used, whether it be a mascot or anything else done by the student body, it is usually kept around for a while.

There are many other theories out there as to the origins of the red elephant, but this is the one that the school will tell you as the real story. That’s probably the one you should believe because it just makes sense. It’s worked out for the school for decades now and the red elephant continues to be on their banners.


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