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Why Is America In Afghanistan?

Why Is America In Afghanistan?

After the attacks of terrorists in September 2001, the US president demanded that Afghanistan close down the all training camps which were then run by Al-Qaeda. The US president also demanded Afghanistan to give up the leader of Al-Qaeda, in the person of Osama Bin Laden and his circle; for them to be put on trial and for them to receive their punishment for such act of terrorism. On the other hand, it was refused by the government of Taliban.

This was when the war in Afghanistan began on the 7th of October 2001. This war has an aerial bombing campaign in opposition to the Taliban. Hence the Taliban still has stronger power over Afghanistan and this was exactly the reason why United States of America sent troops to Afghanistan in response to the attacks that occurred last September 2001. However, the two joint countries were still unsuccessful in arresting Osama Bin Laden as well as the other leaders of terrorism in Al-Qaeda.

This was the official reason why America went to Afghanistan ‚ an act of defense. It was very clear that the action of the Americans had a very valid motive. However, it has then been misinterpreted by other countries especially the countries who became involved in the terrorisms that are done by Bin Laden as well as other various leaders of terrorisms.

Its good thing, though, that today the world is at peace. However, it does not mean terrorisms are over now. You have to keep in mind that there are still leaders who are free; and who knows if they are again planning to attack any of the countries, one of these days. Well, people should always hope for the good especially these days that we are suffering several negative effects of both the nature and the economic problems.


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  1. it was an long range plan to provide oil pipe line for the western oil giants to make more money of the process of the oil bussiness and control the drug supply

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