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Why is AoL so bad?

Why is AoL so bad?

Here’s a little bit of quick facts about AOL. Stylized ‘AoL’, and formerly known as America Online, is a web services company which includes a network of premium and niche content sites which offers extensive tools and platforms.

At its peak, AoL’s had around 30 million members worldwide, most of them accessed the AoL service via their AoL software suite. But despite its success, AoL has received a lot of controversies and complaints from its users.

According to the research I made here are some reasons why people think that AoL is bad.

Slow and bad customer service. AoL technical / customer support personnel does not function properly the way it should be. According to some previous AoL users, their services are horrible. They lack the proper skills to assist their customers in solving their complaints.

Improper billing issues. AoL has faced a number of lawsuits concerning overcharged bills and delays to stop billing payment for cancelled accounts. AoL was sued in October 2003 by the Ohio Attorney General for improper billing practices. On June 8, 2005 the case was settled as AoL agreed to resolve any customer complaints filed at the Ohio AG’s office. In December 2006, the company also agreed to resolve cases filed by Florida consumers at the Florida AG’s office.

Slow internet connection speed. People expect fast and good quality connection when they subscribed at AoL. But a majority of subscribers complain about their slow connection and how easily they get disconnected. In an ISP company, good internet speed is everything.

User interface is not friendly. Many subscribers complain about AoL’s basic interface. They say it looked messy with tons of buttons that you don’t even use. Basically, it has too many features which try to take control of everything in your computer almost like an OS (operating system), from email servicing to virus protection.

User privacy and security. Jason Smathers, an AoL employee was convicted for stealing 92 million AoL screen names and selling them to known spamming company.

In conclusion, AoL has become bad because it was unable to maintain good customer service towards their users and provide them with fast and quality service.


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