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Why Is Area 51 So Secret?

Why Is Area 51 So Secret?

The term ‘area 51, rings a bell for a lot of people. However, not everyone can put a finger on what is it all about and define what it means. To define Area 51 simply, it is the official name used in CIA documents for the military based located in Nevada, USA. Since this military base is top secret to the laymen, it is said to be situated at the center of Groom Lake Nevada and new experimental aircrafts and weapons systems are actually being tested there.

In the past area 51 is so top secret that even the United States Government barely acknowledges its existence. Because of this, a lot of rumors and conspiracy theories have raised linking this military camp to UFO folklore and myths. Since heavy and highly powered nuclear weapons are kept and tested in the facility, civilians are strictly not allowed to enter the camp and measly information and given out to the public. As a matter of fact, the US military men securing the camp were authorized to fine trespassers quite a sum of money. Despite all the warning signs surrounding the facility, a lot of onlookers dared to go near the site, but to no avail nobody ever pieced together the mysterious puzzle behind Area 51.

Up until now, nobody really knows the real secret as to why Area 51 is so mysterious to the eyes of many. There are a lot of speculations nonetheless, but no confirmation. For sure though, most of the people know that area 51 as the United States of America Government’s nuclear test site. A place where extraterrestrial things are said to appear. And also, a place where hundreds of people have seen weird and out of this world flying saucer-like objects maneuvering above its grounds.


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