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Why is Argon used in windows?

Why is Argon used in windows?

Represented by the chemical symbol Ar, argon is one among the basic elements in chemistry that is classified to be a noble gas. This chemical comprises 0.93 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere, making it the third most common gas circulating on the planet. Argon is found to be colorless, odorless and nontoxic substance in all phases of matter, that is, solid, liquid or gas. Tracing the element’s history, argon was first noticed in air in 1785 but was not extracted until 1894 by Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay of Scotland. Its name is of Greek origin which means inactive as referring to its chemical inactivity. In today’s modern era, the process of argon isolation is done through the process of fractionation whereby elements are extracted basing on the identified gradient.

As argon was further studied by experts, it was found that this element has several useful indications. It was found that argon can be used in industrial processes, scientific researches, preservation procedures, laboratory equipment, medical purposes and miscellaneous uses. In the light of its miscellaneous purpose, most windows today are composed of the chemical element, argon. The reason why argon is used in windows is because of its thermal insulation capacity that enables windows to be energy efficient. Since argon is less thermally conductive than air, it reduces heat loss or heat gain, making windows effectively efficient. The density of argon is found to help prevent air from coming in as well it prevents air from escaping, thereby facilitating adequate regulation of heat and cool air within the confines of one’s home.
Because of argon’s excellent thermal performance and cost effective rate in the market, argon has become widely used and produced for various purposes that is definite for man and nature’s existence.


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