Why Is Aspartame Bad For You?

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Why Is Aspartame Bad For You?

The discovery of aspartame in 1965 was celebrated by many food manufacturers because it gave them an alternative ingredient for sugar as sweetener. Many consumers were looking for ways to curb their consumption of sugar to help them reduce weight and other problems associated with eating too many sweets. Aspartame became a hit with food makers as a way to retain flavor but lowering significantly their products’ calorie content.

Unfortunately, many claims have popped up with regards to the use or consumption of aspartame. Many people began to report getting sick after being exposed to the substance for a certain period of time. Some claimed instantly getting ill or have shown side effects after eating or drinking stuff that contained aspartame.

The most disturbing claims of disease or side effect of aspartame use came from patients who have cancer or brain related disorders. According to their statements, they have acquired cancer after consuming food with aspartame over a long period of time. If this is true, then there must be an explanation for this.

Aspartame, like all chemical substances that go inside the human body, is either consumed or excreted. Table sugar or sucrose does not get digested but are stored in the body as fat deposits which also act as reserve energy. Aspartame on the other hand is broken down and is retained in the tissues of the body. This may be the cause why many illnesses are associated with prolonged exposure to the substance.

The human body can tolerate being exposed to poisonous substances but for a very limited time. When it can no longer defend itself from the toxins, it just opens up let the invaders take over which results to disease or even death. Too many deposits of aspartame in the body might be the culprit.

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