Why is Avatar rated PG-13?

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Why is Avatar rated PG-13?

Avatar is one of those movies that just about everyone has seen, but some have wondered why it wasn’t rated PG and others actually thought that it should have been rated R. There are a couple of parts that lead one to believe that it was a family movie with beautiful scenes that everyone could enjoy, but there are also a few that must have been pretty tricky for the powers to be to take into account when giving the movie its rating.

For the most part, Avatar is more of a visual movie with a lot of action and a whole new world for the viewer to watch, but there is a sex scene in it and some war scenes that could be considered unacceptable for children under the age of 13. This is probably the main reason why the PG-13 rating wasn’t stamped on this film.

Those who argue that it should be rated PG think that the sex scene isn’t enough to warrant a PG-13 rating because it is between Avatars and there is nothing shown that would be considered inappropriate for kids to see. This is understandable, but you also have to keep in mind that this isn’t the universal opinion and many people would have been upset by their kids seeing these scenes.

I don’t think that it should have been rated R, but I do think they got the rating of PG-13 right for this movie because the Avatars are basically half nude throughout the entire film and that sex scene is a bit more racy than any of the ones you find in PG rated movies. It is a fantastic film, but probably not one that the young kids should be watching. It’s doubtful that they would understand the movie anyways. This is not to say that some kids wouldn’t enjoy it, though.

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