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Why is avatar so popular?

Avatar movie is popular probably due to the usage of computer graphics and 3-D effects in it. ‘Avatar, is created by James Cameroon, who is also the creator of Titanic, Terminator 2, Aliens, The Abyss, and True Lies. James Cameroon seems to have tried and worked for the past twelve years on a technology which is presented in 3D. He says that he has invented a technique called as ‘e-motion capture,. ‘Avatar, was known to bring a large change in Cinema in the future. With the help of this technology it is possible to make the animation to display the human expressions very vividly.

The movie ‘Avatar, has fantastic visual effects. The construction of Pandora was an excellent work of James Cameroon. The living creatures, the wild life, and the landscapes shown were beautiful enough to make the movie one among the exceptional art pieces. The story is popular which includes aspects of love, war, religion, and all blended in proper proportion. The whole movie does not have any single dull moment. The sound given by James Horner is outstanding.

The forest in a night was shown  with bioluminescent plants. Several critics also praised this movie. The 3-D tour to Pandora was filled with grandeur. The movie thrilled many viewers by showing how one can do adventures in nature and enjoy the nature by being with the life partner. The movie ‘Avatar, received lot of praise from Chinese people, critics and film directors. It is observed that ‘Avatar, ticket was more expensive than the train ticket in China.

The overwhelming special effects, astonishing art pieces and excellent casting by the actors in the movie earned good fame to the movie ‘Avatar,. The love story in the movie demands the audience’s attraction. The movie has become popular as the story resembles the mythology in which God saves the group of good human beings from the demons.


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