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Why is Batman better than superman?

Why is Batman better than superman?

Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger in 1939. His first appearance was in comics entitled Detective Comics #27 in 1939 and subsequently became part of the DC Publications. This fictional character was not only known as Batman, he was also accredited to be called The Dark Knight, The Darknight Detective and The World’s Greatest Detective. Batman is the alter ego of a sophisticated man characterized as Bruce Wayne, as his alias. The typical character of Bruce Wayne was that of a billionaire, who was able to witness the death of his parents at a very young age. Upon such event, he made a pact of taking revenge to those who killed his parents, to find a greater deal of justice. To bring his pact into reality, he underwent massive physical and intellectual training and disguised under a bat-themed suit to cover up his real identity. Assisted by his side kick named Robin, they both fought fierce fully over various villains and enemies.
Over the times and up until this modern era, Batman is still one popular fictional superhero that comes in contemporary with Superman and Spiderman. For some people, they opt for Superman while others bet on Batman as the best superhero among all others. In the truest light, Batman has claimed to be better than Superman. The one major reason why Batman is far better than Superman is that Batman is able to defeat his enemies without any possession of supernatural powers. What makes Batman better than Superman is that despite being deprived of supernatural powers, Batman is intellectually and physically powerful enough to defend the oppressed and defeat his enemies. Batman therefore, is one natural hero that can defend and fight without depending on using supernatural powers.


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