Why is Beckham not playing?

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Why is Beckham not playing?

There were speculations of his untimely retirement. Fans were heavy-hearted to know that David Beckham missed playing the World Cup. It was a tremendous setback on the part of his team, AC Milan; and if at all, he’d miss playing with the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Major League Soccer.

Millions of fans throughout the world are wondering what really happened and it has drawn fears that he would no longer be playing. Others speculated that the team manager and owner axed him for injuries.

People made some thoughts to share with friends particularly among regular customers in the music and liquor bars. The streets of England and Italy were stunted by his sudden disappearance. Everywhere the name of David Beckman has become a by-word of youth, teenagers, or even oldies who witness the golden triumphs of his many games. They saw a legend on Beckham.

Beckham was touted as the best football soccer player in the world and a fashion icon because of his marriage with a celebrity wife, Victoria Beckham, a former Spice Girl. Just imagine how this man achieves such luster of achievements with all the best of lucks coming around him like flowing liquid! He is the league’s highest paid player with a whopping $32.5 million for a 5-year contract.

But, hey! Lucky men sometimes’ got their own darkest hour where triumphs usually turned to be an unfortunate pain that bad luck for once drill.

Beckham is not playing because he broke his Achilles’ tendon on the left leg the last time he played with AC Milan versus Chievo Verona during the Italian League on March 14, 2010. He was brought to a hospital in Finland and underwent a surgery with specialist surgeon Dr. Sakari Orava. He has to undergo an extensive medical therapy and regular check-up for about 5-6 months until his left foot will fully recover.

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