Why is Benjamin Franklin on the One-Hundred Dollar Bill?

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Why is Benjamin Franklin on the One-Hundred Dollar Bill?

Benjamin Franklin was one of the most important people during the American Revolution. His ideas have sparked many different theories still in use today. He was a statesman, inventor and diplomat, but never a President, which is why his bill is so interesting. He is one of only two non-US Presidents to be on a currency bill. The other is Alexander Hamilton on the $10.

Benjamin Franklin was a key instigator in many of the revolutionary documents that helped free the U.S. from British control, and was a civic activist, political theorist and is considered to be one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. He also secured the French Alliance, which effectively ended the war and gave complete freedom to America. His theories are still in constant use today as guides and concepts for the running of businesses, governmental sects, and of course, the entire country.

He created the first public library that lent books in America. He started the first fire department in Pennsylvania. He developed Daylight Savings Time so that the hours did not seem so long in the winter. He invented the Franklin stove, bifocals, Map of the Gulf Stream, and the odometer, which helped him improve the routes taken United States Postal System for deliveries while he was acting as Postmaster General, an invention still in use today.

And finally, Ben Franklin is most famous for his experiments with electricity and lightning. His electricity, explored through friction, opposite charges paved the way for many new inventions that we use every single day, such as Thomas Edison’s light bulb. His development of the lightning rod has saved countless homes and buildings from destruction by fire. His kite flying experiment of 1752 is a famous legend to this very day.

Benjamin Franklin is on the One Hundred dollar bill because he was and continues to be an influence on almost every single kind of field in America. He was a true da Vinci man.

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