Why is Birmingham called the “Magic City”

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Why is Birmingham called the Magic City”

Birmingham, Alabama is one of the busiest, prosperous, and industrialized cities in the United States. Founded in 1871 and was coined as the magic city” because it was said to have sprung up from nowhere, as in like magic. But that was just partly true and there was never supernatural about the way how Birmingham was established.

Birmingham is a young city. And before it took its present name, which was derived from an English city and England’s industrial giant, it started as a small, simple farming community called Elyton (1830 to 1860). According to a diary written by a Union general during the period of Civil War, he described the old Birmingham as poor, insignificant Southern village”. They probably have no idea that with just the right perspective, promotion, and development, it can become the city that it is today.

Although Birmingham is known to have rapidly increased its population and industries in just short period of time since it was established, it had undergone various challenges as a community. First it was struck severely by a cholera epidemic that nearly wiped away the town, after which was followed by the economic depression that affected the town’s booming metal and mining industries.

But as the story goes, Birmingham was able to get back on its feet, surpassing the Great Depression and many civilian demonstrations due to racial differences.

Birmingham was able to get its magic” back particularly in the mid-1970s when the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) started to extend its influence and status even outside the city. Businesses and services were also thriving during this period that drastically changed the way of living of all the people, as well as their outlook in life, in Birmingham.

From farming to industrial, Birmingham today had again transformed itself into banking, medical research, and service-based economy. It boasts itself for being one of America’s most livable cities, a home to numerous businesses, first-class culinary scene, green space per capita, and much more.

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