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Why is Blood Pressure important medically?

Why is Blood Pressure important medically?

Everytime we have our medical checkup, the first thing the doctor examines is our blood pressure. In health and medicine, blood pressure is referred to the pressure of the blood in the arteries as produced by the contraction of the heart muscle. There are two numbers that determine our blood pressure, the systolic (measured after the contraction of the heart) and the diastolic (measured before the contraction of the heart).

Our blood pressure determines the status of our heart. If there is an increase in our blood pressure, there is a higher risk of hypertension which in the end might cause stroke, heart attack, or even kidney disease. That is why it’s too important to have a regular blood pressure check up so that proper remedy can be done if our blood pressure elevates.

High blood pressure is also coined as a silent killer” because people suffering from this disease are unaware that they do have high blood pressure. They would only realize that if they suffer from side effects such as fatigue, chest pain, and weakness.

Once our age increases, our blood pressure also increases. If we are not careful about it, we may suffer from heart attack or stroke. This is the reason why older people usually die of these diseases.

High blood pressure can be treated if it’s not too high. Sometimes, our blood pressure fluctuates in a day but that is normal especially if we are stressed. That’s why we need to relax as often as we can so that the flow of the blood to the heart would be smooth and that our heart will pump normally. We also need to regularly monitor our blood pressure.

The normal blood pressure is 120/80 and higher or lower than that would mean there is a disturbance in the contraction of the heart. That is not a sign to panic. If you are treated well, take proper medicines, eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and rest, then high blood pressure can be stopped.


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