Why is Bob Marley famous?

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When talking about reggae music, people usually point to Bob Marley as the best musician to represent this type of music. From his humble beginnings in Jamaica, Bob Marley has catapulted himself to pop star status because of his unique brand of music.

Being the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of his own band during his early days as a singer/musician, Bob Marley’s first claim to fame was with his band. Their music was a hit to the people of Jamaica combining reggae music with other similar genres like ska and rock.  Their brand of music had social, political, and cultural relevance making them popular across Jamaica’s Third World population. Bob Marley continued with his music despite separating with his original band. His type of music endeared him to the masses because of its social relevance.  Bob Marley somewhat became the voice of the people in terms of their personal activities and experiences.

With his wide popularity in Jamaica, Bob Marley was able to promote his reggae music to many parts of the world.  With a unique sound and meaningful lyrics, Bob Marley continued to become very famous with record hits and albums across different countries around the globe. As many experts in the music industry would say, Bob Marley became the Third World’s first pop superstar.  But aside from his talent in music that made him so popular, Bob Marley was also considered to be very charismatic, making many people adore him as person and as a famous character.  Some people also liken him to the Beatle’s frontman John Lennon for his natural charisma.  With all his personal and musical qualities, Bob Marley’s fame continues to rise even after his death.  Music lovers picture Bob Marley as a pop icon with his music still being played in radio stations across the globe.

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