Why is Body composition important?

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Why is Body composition important?

Fats, bones, and muscles are the three components found in the human body. Formally termed as body composition, this concept is most aptly used in the concept of health and physical fitness. Body composition is expressed in the unit of percentage and is the primary tool for determining the body’s state of being lean. Body composition is one form of measurement that comes in variables depending on every individual’s composition. Some people may have greater amounts of fat while other may have greater percentages of muscles comprised in one’s body. For a healthy normal male adult, the recommended percentage for body composition is within 8 to 17 percent of fat. For healthy female adult, on the other hand, 10 to 21 percent is the recommended level of fat. With individuals have greater levels than the indicated, they are considered to have excess body fat while those who have lower percentages are considered to be lean.
Although the measurement of one’s body composition may be done in a variety of ways, the most common technique is the use of an instrument called the caliper. The caliper measures the thickness of the subcutaneous layers of specified body parts such as the abdomen, arms, buttocks and thighs. For most health conscious people, body composition is one important element that is needed in maintaining one’s health and fitness. Body composition is important because it helps in determining the amount of fat contained in the body. Since fat is one dangerous element that can cause serious detrimental effects to the body, obtaining and monitoring one’s body composition is one perfect aid to control and monitor intake of high-fat food. More so, body composition is important because it facilitates loss of weight and motivates one to be lean and always healthy.

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