Why is Bottled Water bad for the environment?

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Why is Bottled Water bad for the environment?

Though the bottled water is not much harmful the processing of bottled water was not found to be giving any good to the environment too. Many customers who are conscious of their health would like to drink only bottled water instead of tap water. Due to its excess preference, bottled water industry has grown so much that it started getting profits around billions of dollars every year. The actual impact of the bottling procedure and the shipping aspects of bottled water on the environment are found to be bad. But, still this water is preferred to the tap water which is treated by the municipality plants.

The production of bottled water depends on fossil fuels. The plastic in raw form has to be heated in order to be blown as bottles in the molds. The source of heat that is required to melt the plastic is obtained from electricity and natural gas. The sources are again produced from fossil fuels. The completed shaped bottles have to be packaged with again plastic wrapping and card board. This packaging material has a bad effect on the environment. The finished product has to be sent to the destinations on trucks which consume fossil fuel again.

The bottles used in bottled water packages can be considered for recycling. But, most of the bottles will not go for recycling purpose. They are sent to landfills or made to remain as trash. The plastic bottles that are not destroyed will release gases that are harmful to the environment. These gases will be released when they are disintegrated. As the bottled water packs are not made from natural sources the plastic will release some toxic chemicals into the water. Hence, it is suggested not to refill the bottles with tap water when they start getting degraded. It is always better to have filters at home which can efficiently filter the tap water. This filtered water stored in permanent containers that do not get damaged and is not bad for environment.

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