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Why is Breaking Up so hard?

Why is Breaking Up so hard?

Any form of break-up is never simple especially if the relationship lasted for a long time. The bonds and ties that were created are not that easy to forget. Relationships are built on the memories, either happy or sad times which the both of you shared. No matter which one of you broke up with your partner, the pain of separation is still hard to go through with.

Others can relate the grief of breaking up to the grief of having lost a loved one over death. The pain depends on how close you two were and how deep your relationship was. The more time you spent with your partner, the harder the break-up will be. The pain doesn’t just stop when you’ve separated, it continuous to haunt you as long as you haven’t really accepted the fact that your partner is gone and you have to move on. There will always be times when you’ll miss them, cry for them and hope that they were still there and sometimes you even blame yourself for what happened.

In any normal break-ups, there is always one person who feels the betrayal, disbelief and terror. Getting dumped is not that easy to accept especially if you’re not expecting it to happen. After all, you spent all your time doing things with them and it almost seemed that it were to go on forever then suddenly, it just disappears. To love deeply and then lose them can really have its effect on you.

Some even go on through a period of denial and identity crisis because their whole life was dependent on their partner and they are confused as to how to continue to live their lives without their significant other. They are just left with the feeling of having to start all over again.

Some also develop trust issues because they have fully given their trust on a person who in the end will just break their heart. They begin to question whether their relationship was real and how it could be over.

But of course with a little help from their family and friends, all of these pains can be addressed. Don’t try to forget instead learn to accept reality and move on. Make peace with yourself and live your life to the fullest.


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