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Why is California called the golden state?

Why is California called the golden state?

California is a state of United States. It is one of the most populous and important state. This state is now the home of more than 35 millions of people and one of the greatest examples of a modern society. But the history of the California state is not easy. California is also known as the golden state. The pages of history answer the fact of this nomenclature of California.

Looking deep down in to the history reveals that around 1848, James W. Marshall who was an American carpenter and Sawmill operator by profession found gold while setting up Jhon Shutter’s mill in Coloma, California. And form that time onwards California is known to be the state or land of gold. This discovery led a gold rush in California. But the fact that California had gold was long revealed to men even before the eighteenth century. As early as in the 16th century present California was colonized by Ortuno Ximenez & Hernando Cortez of Spain. They suspected that this part of the world should contain gold and their sense proved to be right later on. At that time present California was known as “The El Dorado State”. Because of the agricultural opportunities there at that time in the land, present California is also known as “The land of Milk & Honey”. Then again the discovery of gold in 1848 was at the when the War between Mexico & America was still running.

The treaty of Guadalupe was signed and California fell under the Americans permanently. The gold rush that took place helped a population boom and around 1850 California was “California State”. In 1968 because of this long association with gold in the history, the state was officially nicknamed as “The Golden State”.


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