Why is Canada a good place to Live?

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Why is Canada a good place to Live?

It is always a consideration or a factor where one chooses to live, to think about the cost of living, the country’s health care policy, the society itself, and a lot more. And that would depend whether the person is single or married.

Living in a foreign land is a daunting experience which sometimes hinders them from achieving their goals and aspirations for a brighter future. Canada, the maple leaf country, is a new frontier in terms of technological advances and a melting pot of different cultures, which are disciplined and respectful of each others beliefs.

The monarchy of Canada is Constitutional meaning only the elected monarch will act as the head of state. The system of government in Canada is vested in the Crown which is the Governor General and the 10 Lieutenant Governors but is entrusted to the government to use on behalf of the people.

Canada’s health care policy is the simply the best. It is a government-run health insurance system which is a hundred percent free. Medicines for the elderly and indigent Canadians are covered by public funds. Private health insurance plans also exist as part of the benefits that workers enjoy in several companies, with incentives which normally include visual care as well as dental care. While some people benefit from private insurance especially those with definite needs, majority of the Canadians choose to use the public health system.

The cost of living in Canada is much lower compared to other countries, and even in the United States. Food is very cheap and due to its low population, they have very high work opportunities.

Living in Canada is challenging and exciting. Housing cost depends on its location and the condition of the house.

Canada has been a country of different communities. It is an ‘all-in-one, country. It has a variety of shopping malls, parks, beaches, and recreation facilities.

From all of these, we can say that it is really a good place to live.

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