Why is Canada called Canada?

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Why is Canada called Canada?

The second largest country in the whole world is Canada. Aside from that, it boasts of huge glaciers, mountains, and is the home of animals bigger than any other. From grizzly bears that roams its plains to humpback whales that swim their seas. Like any other country, Canada is patriotic and prides itself in various fields of endeavors.

The word Canada probably comes from the word ‘KANATA,, a Native American word for village, community, settlement or land, which means that it consists of about a hundred and a few thousand people living near one another and in a social relationship.

The country itself has become a collection of different communities and many of its people are of British or French origin making it officially bilingual. Europeans, Asians and Natives live here including Inuits.

Canada is mainly a nation of city and town dwellers. For the last years, immigrants have flooded into Canada, mostly from Europe. Many of the settlers were living in the cities of eastern Canada, while others pushed farther and farther westward to set up farming communities on the prairies. Thousands of people have continued to arrive in recent decades.

Although this country started out in small villages or communities, it has given birth to big cities as the years passed, thereby increasing its population to a good number. With so many people migrating to this country, it paved the way to enormous possibilities and opportunities making it attractive to people from other countries since it is open to workers and settlers because it has not yet satiated the need to fill up its huge space.

There are other proposed names for Canada like Anglia which means to honor the main religion of the British protestant, Hochelaga which is an old name for Montreal and Victoria in honor of Queen Victoria.

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