Why is Carbon Dioxide bad?

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Why is Carbon Dioxide bad?

The presence of oxygen is very important to be present in the atmosphere for the humans to survive on this earth. If the concentration of carbon-di-oxide is increasing day by day, the atmosphere will get polluted gradually. The increase in levels of carbon-di-oxide in the air will cause global warming and this may lead to further problems in the future. When the history of the earth was studied, considering the state of earth few thousands of millions of years back, carbon-di-oxide was acting as thermostat for earth. It was observed that when the content of carbon-di-oxide was very less which is around 200 parts per million, the earth was very cool covered with ice in most of the areas. When the carbon-di-oxide was high about 300 parts per million, the earth was warm enough and the ice was present only at the Polar Regions.

Whenever the carbon-di-oxide levels were changing during the period of evolution, around 50 parts per million more or less, there were changes in the earth’s temperature. Apart from the natural climatic changes, the industrial revolution made by the humans has made the content of carbon-di-oxide to go high up. Now almost the concentration was made by the humans to nearly 100 parts per million. This is increase of about 50 parts per million approximately. This is the reason for the melting of ice caps near the Polar Regions. It is estimated now that the levels of carbon-di-oxide have increased heavily compared to the times when man has inhabited the planet.

This effect which can exist in long term might raise the level of the Ocean. The ice caps get melted slowly and this can lead to increase of the Ocean level by around 200 feet. Many of the big cities might get drowned. The acid rains also consist of carbon-di-oxide mixed with water forming acids which are harmful to the earth. This happens due to the industrial waste as well as vehicle exhausts. So, carbon-di-oxide is bad for the environment.

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