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Why is Catcher in the rye so popular?

Why is Catcher in the rye so popular?

The book Catcher in the Rye” was published in the year 1951. It was written by J.D. Salinger. The book was basically focused on the ‘three day period’ in the life of a 16 year old boy who was in trouble. This book topped the list of books that were selected just two weeks after its release for New York Times best sellers. It became very popular amongst the young adults and teenagers. This is because of its freshness, pushy style and imbalanced views which are the typical attitudes observed in the teenagers. These are the attributes observed when the young people come out from any psychological disturbance during their adolescence.

The main character in the book was not liked by many parents as the character was made to use very repulsive language. The erroneous behavior and unacceptable activities of the main character was also disliked by the parents in general. Holden, who was the main character in the story, was not considered as an actual model for the young people during 1950s. Salinger himself admitted that some of the chapters would shock the readers very much. Salinger expressed his unpleasantness towards the book being kept out of reach from the children by their parents and elders. Salinger agreed that children were his best friends and they were not allowed to read the book. Probably the vehement expression of discontentment and protest against this book made this very popular.

The book was criticized by many people as some vulgar language was used in it. Most of the chapters in the novel describes the days spent by Holden Caulfield who was a teenage slacker. He used to run away from the school and wander on the roads of New York City in spite of the confrontation by his parents. The novel mostly focuses on the Holden disliking the phony attitudes of his roommate and class-mate. The novel also focuses on the behavior of a boy at that age towards others when others befriend his girlfriend. There was intense controversy about this book when it was published and that has brought its popularity.


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