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Why is Chicago called the Windy City?

Why is Chicago called the Windy City?

There are three main reasons why Chicago is called the Windy city. They are the real winds that are blowing from the lake at Chicago, the boasting of Chicagoans, and the flattering words of Chicago politicians about their place.

The first reason goes like this: It was just before the world’s great Columbian exhibition of 1893 when the Chicago people were wanting to host the exhibition instead of the New York people. New York was competing with Chicago to host the exhibition. During that period, Charles A. Dana, the editor of the New York Sun magazine, stated that New York people need not pay attention to the nonsensical claims of that windy city (he was referring to Chicago). History tells us that Chicago hosted that exhibition, and it is also believed that the ‘windy city’ name has come from that editorial by Dana.

However, this story is not accepted by many people, as it is said that the name ‘windy city’ was expressed in ‘Chicago tribune’ on September 11th, 1886, even before Dana wrote about it. It is the name of Chicago used by many village papers in New York and Michigan. They presented the name ‘windy city’ to have evolved from the tribute given to the refreshing lake breezes coming from Lake Michigan in Chicago.

It has been recently found that this term, ‘windy city’, about Chicago, appeared even before that which was explained above. It is seen as the headline on the front page of the ‘Cleveland Gazette’ for September 19th, 1885. This news was to give a report on a judicial decision, and it said ‘From the Windy City: Judge Foote’s Civil Right decision,. So, if the nickname was used in the headline without any explanation given for that, it means this term was already an established one.

Mr. Popik, a judge, says that this nickname has come out in the ‘Chicago tribune’ for making this place popular as a summer resort, with cool breezes coming from the lake. This was done for attracting people to visit Chicago.


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