Why is Christmas called Christmas?

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Why is Christmas called Christmas?

Christmas is one of the most celebrated events of the year.  For Christians, this event is special because it commemorates the birth of Christ. Actually, there is no exact date of Jesus’ birthday.  It was not even stated in the bible.  December 25 as Christmas day is still a controversial topic that most non-Christians question.

It was in A.D. 336 when the Roman community first celebrated Lord’s Nativity on December 25.  According to theory, leaders in Rome chose December 25 as Christmas day to direct the Christians to Jesus Christ instead of celebrating the Birth of the Unconquered Sun.

Because of Christian tradition, Christmas day was born to remember the baby who was born in the manger, Child Jesus.  There are a lot of versions why Christmas is called Christmas.
Christmas came from two words, Christ and mass. Christ refers to that holy one who was considered as the king of Jew.  Mas is the shortened version of masse which means mass of.  Christmas then means the Mass of Christ.

Christmas is also a combination of different languages, English, Greek and Latin words. The original name and spelling of Christmas in Middle English is Christmasse and for old English, it’s Cristes maesse.  It is actually a phrase which was documented in 1038.  In Greek, Christ came from the word Christos and in Latin, maesse means the holy mass or missa.

The shorter version of Christmas is Xmas.  Though others find this negative because it deletes the holy name of Christmas, other still continue to use this as an abbreviation for Christ.  In the mid-16th century, Romans use Xmas to mean Christmas.  In Greek, X(chi) stands for the first letter of Christ.

Christmas in foreign languages is also known as Noel (French), Navidad (Spanish), Natal (Portuguese).  These terms were derived from the Latin word Dies Natalis that means Day of Birth.

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