Why is cicero important?

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Why is cicero important?

Cicero was a famous Roman philosopher, lawyer and statesman. Born as Marcus Tullius Cicero, he was more commonly known by the name Tully. He came from a wealthy municipal family of the equestrian order which somehow paved the way for him to become an effective political theorist as well as a Roman constitutionalist. Highly privileged to undergo formal education, Cicero was educated in the teachings of the ancient Greek philosophers, poets and historians. It was through his knowledge on Greek that he was able to translate many of the theoretical concepts of Greek philosophy into Latin, thus translating Greek philosophical works for a larger audience. His pursuit for public service, interest in philosophy as well as in speech made him one prominent individual in the history of Rome.

This great personality is indeed important, not just in the historical accounts of Rome but also in the documents of world history. For one, Cicero was one important politician who firmly believed in the republic. He worked to prevent dictators and maintain the republic as government. He was an ardent supporter of the republican system of Rome. The second reason for Cicero’s importance is that of his philosophy. He believed that true law was reason, good is always good, and bad is always bad. He was also a firm believer of the traditional Roman values. He maintained high moral standards that could only be upheld with a great deal of determination and self-restraint and he ensured that the right of the Roman people were never violated nor ignored. Finally, Cicero is important basically because he is one perfect example of what a noble man is.

His entire life was devoted to serving his country and his people, which made one of the most influential men in the history.

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