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Why is Circumcision the sign of the Covenant?

Why is Circumcision the sign of the Covenant?

Circumcision is preferred or rather ordered by God according to the verses from Genesis 17. This signifies the importance of baptism. Circumcision is known to be observed in Christianity during ancient times in the places like Egypt and Mesopotamia. Circumcision was observed as a cultural rite at the puberty stage. Though there were some differences in people who were strong enough to believe this act, it is known that it was followed mostly by high caste people. The oath or curse was similar to that of the covenant. In Genesis 17:10, the symbol of circumcision was said by God as my covenant”. In Deut. 29:12, the terms ‘oath’ and ‘covenant’ were used as parallel words.

The circumcision indicates that the children of Abraham who was circumcised were also within the covenant that was offered for Abraham. It is important to understand here that bearing the sign of covenant does not mean that he is automatically blessed. The covenant sign refers or represents the potential blessing which was given uniquely to Abraham and his children. But, if the children are classified under covenant it is not that they are equally blessed.

Circumcision is carried out by the Jewish and other ancient Bible followers as a mark of obedience towards the command of God given to Abraham and his descendants. It seems to be the command of God mentioned in the scripture that the act of circumcision was His divine covenant that was offered to Abraham and his descendants. God said in the Genesis verses that every male in the descendants of Abraham shall be circumcised (the flesh of the foreskin of male reproductive organ). God also said that ‘circumcision shall be a sign of covenant between you (Abraham) and Me’. It was also mentioned in Genesis 17:14 by God that the person whose foreskin was not circumcised will be considered separated from his people as he has disobeyed the God’s Covenant.


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