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Why is cloning controversial

Why is cloning controversial

In science and technology, cloning is referred to the process of creating a genetically identical replica of an organism. It is often compared to producing a twin only it does not undergo the natural process of conception to birth, but by the way of inducement. Having said these, cloning is one of those science issues that is considered controversial and has unending debates.

Some people, mostly scientists, believed that cloning is advantageous to humans. However, there are others who question its morality which is the major concern of the issue. The topic on cloning had raised various ethical questions that include the following:

  1. Critics believed that cloning is just another form of genetic engineering, a manipulation of human genes. Supporters considered it as an additional fertility treatment comparable to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
  2. Pro-life groups considered cloning as unethical” since the embryos that are used in creating clones are believed to contain life and are already human. Impairing an embryo is equivalent to murder. In defense to this, followers argued that the issue is irrelevant and that the same thing happens during intercourse wherein numerous numbers of sperm cells (that contains life and have the possibility of becoming human) also die.
  3. Other opinions hold that with cloning life would be worthless, that it would lose its importance since it can be manufactured. It is also believed to be socially and psychologically damaging for the clone since it does not have its own identity and be at risk of being treated only as a second-class individual, if not an object. Cloning can also be morally damaging as the cloned individual may develop an inferiority complex, thinking that he/she (or it) is just a copy of somebody else. Relational problems may also occur in terms of consanguinity, filiations, parenthood, and kinship.
  4. Others include the question for the existence of soul” in addition to the decline in genetic diversity.

These are just few of the many controversies that are linked with cloning. And the list is still growing.


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