Wondering Why?

Why is coal bad?

Coal is mined in many parts of the world for energy requirements and other uses.  The growing population in many countries also results in increased energy or electricity needs.  In many countries, part or all of their energy requirements are produced from the mining of coal which is then processed in coal power plants.  Without a continuous supply of coal, there wouldn’t be enough of a supply of energy for every household or industry in a particular country.  But coal’s important contribution to energy generation and the running of several industries in a particular country is just one side of the story.  There are many advocates against the use of coal as an energy source because of its ill effects on people and the environment.  For these people, coal is a bad choice in terms of providing energy resources for a particular country.

One bad impact that coal has is on the climate.  The burning of coal is said to release harmful gases into the environment causing the thinning of the ozone layer.  The negative effect of the entire process is called Global Warming which impacts people by means of climate changes in the form of severe weather patterns and conditions.  Advocates for environmental safety oppose coal mining and burning activities to protect existing natural resources from damage.  It is also said that the mining of coal and the operation of coal power plants also have negative impacts on the quality of the groundwater.  This will then eventually trickle down to contaminating the water of rivers and other areas.  The mining of coal also affects wildlife and natural forests resulting in the forced exit or migration of animals to other places and the degradation of the existing plants.  Coal-burning also pollutes the air which is harmful for people’s health.  With all of these negative effects from the use of coal, many people consider it a bad mineral to use, process, or produce.


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