Why is Copper important?

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Why is Copper important?

Copper is used in the computer s as an important component of it. The integrated circuits, printed circuit boards and chips are made up of copper. The International business machines or IBM make use of copper in their computer chips in the place of Aluminum. This step of IBM helped it to grow as the computers became cheaper and faster in their performance.

We all know that copper is a good conductor of electricity and that is why it is used to make electric wires. Most of the electric appliances depend on copper wiring as it is cheaper as well as good conductor of electricity. Copper is the good conductor due to the presence of free electrons in the element that help in the flow of current.

Copper has the tendency to react with oxygen and form its oxide. This property of it makes it to resist corrosion. Copper can be used without any hesitation in making desired materials as it can be recycled. It is the third metal that can be recycled after iron and aluminum.

As copper is very soft to be used directly, it is used in combination with other metals as an alloy. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc while bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Copper is used in piping for refrigeration and air-conditioning. Copper is used in heat sinks of machines, vacuum tubes, cathode ray tubes, and magnetrons in microwave ovens. In earlier days copper was used in making water proof roofing material. The copper carbonate and copper sulfate are highly resistant forms of corrosion.

Copper as an alloy with nickel is used in ship building as it is corrosion resistant. Copper is used to protect the building from getting affected by lightning. The copper spikes that are connected with wires to a copper plate in the ground transmit most of the current into the ground and prevent the building from getting destructed. Copper is used in making nets in aqua culture industry. It has brazing and soldering properties. It has fungicidal application in agriculture as well as in domestic lakes and ponds. It is also used in powders utilized for gardening purposes to destroy mildew. Radioactive copper-62 and -64 are used in PET (positron emission tomography). It is combined with a chelate to treat cancer. Copper has an important nutritional role for us. It has anti-bacterial properties.

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