Why is creationism wrong

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Why is creationism wrong

Creationism is a belief based on religious text that the universe including Earth, life on Earth, and humanity are all creation of one supernatural being, that is God. Its principles work under the literal explanation of the Genesis creation account that challenged scientific theories.

The problem with creationism (literalist or fundamentalist), why it is considered wrong not just by scientists but also other religious organizations is that it believes in the strictly literal interpretations of religious texts” according to National Academy of Sciences. Creationists were known to reject conclusions with scientific evidences as long as it contradicts with the interpretation of the scripture under literalist creationism thus creating a theological and political controversy.

However the view that science and religious belief can never be used in support with each other is in the wrong. In fact, most contemporary Christian beliefs and leaders considered that the spiritual context of creation in relation with the scientific knowledge of evolution is proven to be consistent with each other. Some theorists who have strong divine” beliefs viewed that evolution is a tool used by God, who is still the creator and inherent sustainer of the universe. There are also noteworthy scientists that are viewed to be believers of the biblical creation account with the likes of Isaac Newton, Blaise Pascal, Gregor Mendel, and Galileo to name a few, which is according to Henry M. Morris who is the founder of Institute for Creation Research.

And as time passes by, the controversy produced a new line of thinking, the one that unifies science with religious belief. The Catechism of the Catholic Church even commented positively with regard to the theory of evolution stating that it have splendidly enriched our knowledge of the age and dimensions of the cosmos, the development of life-forms and the appearance of man”.

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  1. UneedJesus

    March 1, 2014 5:58 pm

    God is all powerful and does not need evolution as his tool. He could create an aged earth in 7 days.
    Evolution itself is unscientific. Mutations do not improve species, but can benefit individual organisms in the species during irregular times. When things go back to normal, the mutated being has no advantage.
    There is no scientific explanation for how life came into being. Spontaneous generation was proved wrong in the 19th century, yet evolutionists and non-creationists still hold on to it. Life cannot happen by chance, and neither can it happen if humans try to make it. If humans can’t make life, then how did random processes of nature? Creationism explains where science came from. It therefore is unscientific. SCIENCE IS A BEAUTIFUL MACHINE, HOW DID OCCUR BY CHANCE? Something unscientifc must create science. Someone outside our universe, God.


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