Why is Cuba poor?

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Why is Cuba poor?

The word poor” at times can be subjective especially if it is used to describe a country’s economic and political status just like in Cuba. There are people who consider Cuba as a rich nation especially in terms of its booming tourism, thriving sugar industry, free education, free health care, food subsidies, pension and other social benefits. Also Cuba has a literacy rate of 99.8%, an average life expectancy of 77.64, and with an infant death rate that is lower as compared to several developed countries. What’s more, Cuba has one of the largest numbers of skilled workers along with its doctors that ranks #1 per capita throughout the world.

However, Cuba is also a nation that is viewed to be poor” particularly because of the system of government that it implements. Cuba belonged to the list of nations that has the worst records for civil liberties and political rights which was based according to the Freedom House report: Freedom in the World 2007”. The state has been charged of different human rights violations that includes torture, unjust trials, arbitrary detention, and El Paredon” also known as extrajudicial executions.

Although it is true that the U.S. has an embargo with Cuba, the law was not completely responsible for the extensive poverty and economic depression that is experienced in the country. Among any other reasons, Cuba is considered poor because of the corruption that is prevalent all over the nation. It is viewed that while the rich becomes richer (including the government), the rest of the Cuban population have to settle for the rations of food, poor transportation, as well as low housing funds. By the end of 2005, it was recorded that the average wage of a Cuban worker was only 334 pesos per month that amounts only to $16.70 monthly, and with an average pension of $9. On top of all these, Cuba’s industries were poorly developed which also produces badly made products that are too expensive for ordinary Cubans to purchase which also added to the reason why life in Cuba is considered by others to be poor”.

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