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Why is Cyber bullying wrong?

Why is Cyber bullying wrong?

Cyber bullying is an act that is formally defined as the deliberate use of information and communication technologies that supports hostile, offensive and inappropriate behaviour of a person or group of people that is primarily intended to harm others. Among the young and the adolescents, cyber bullying is one common practice that is highly evident in today’s modern technology. With the use of mobile phones, Internet and other gadgets, the intention of embarrassing and hurting other people is made possible by posting texts or images. Cyber bullying can be simply defined as the use of technology to defame or attack another person or another group. In cyber bullying, personal information, data or privates issues may be used to pose threats or any form of defamation that can ruin the reputation of another.
Cyber bullying is definitely a wrongful act because it destroys another person. It is an unjust way of dealing with some conflicts and tribulations that may have occurred between two involved persons. The act of bullying itself is one wrongful act. With the addition of using gadgets and equipment that is made accessible by the public, the gravity of the act of defamation becomes heavier. Thus, cyber bullying is one act that should never be tolerated, especially in this modern era, where any forms of advanced technology are made available and accessible. The use of technology to defame another is an act that not only destroys another person but it also provides others the information which should not be made public. In this context, the concept of confidentiality and privacy is violated in terms of ethical practice. Additional reason for cyber bullying to be wrong is that it has the ability to permanently destroy the life and reputation of the person being attacked.


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