Wondering Why?

Why is dental work so expensive?

For many people, going to the dentist is not only a painful procedure but also a pain when it comes to dental bills.  Many of these people have experienced having to pay large sums of money for seemingly simple dental work.  Because of very expensive dental bills, many have also asked why this is so.  When the dentists and experts are questioned about this, they may probably give a couple of reasons why indeed most dental work is so expensive.

One basic reason for the high cost of dental work is the expensive overhead costs of operating a clinic.  Experts say that as much as 80 percent of what patients pay their dentists goes to operating costs. These operational expenses typically include clinic space rental, dental equipment and supplies, taxes, and staff salaries.  Dentures, for example, may cost thousands of dollars when charged to patients despite its minimal cost in the dental laboratories.  But the dentist has to factor in all other expenses in his/her clinic in order for him/her to make a profit.

Sometimes people also think that dental work is so expensive because many of them have to pay cash for some services even if they have dental insurance.  Not many people may know that coverage for dental services may be very minimal, and so they have to pay extra money for what they are purchasing.  Some dental insurances may also only cover minimal fees for minor services like oral prophylaxis and tooth extraction.  But when a patient goes to a clinic, his/her dentist may recommend other services and procedures like dental fillings, for example.  In this particular example, patients will then need to pay extra money even if they have some form of insurance coverage.

There is also the obvious case of different standards and qualities of dental laboratories from which dentists order their supplies and equipment.  Those with high-tech machines will definitely cost more than labs using generic machines.  With price differences from different facilities, it is the patients who will basically shoulder any additional expense.


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