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Why Is Diamond So Hard?

Why Is Diamond So Hard?

Diamond is known as the most expensive and hardest gem known to man. Diamond is made up of tightly packed (compressed) carbon atoms. Carbon in its natural form is not really that hard. It can be easily crushed if enough force is applied. The difference between normal Carbon and diamond is their basic structure.

Diamonds are carbons that are altered and reformed in an atomical level. When carbons are subjected or exposed to high pressures and heat, the carbon structure changes dramatically. From something that is so easy to break into something that is extremely hard. The Carbon atoms compress together forming a crystallized structure that is very concentrated. This concentration of atoms gives the diamond its unique hardness and valuable properties.

The importance of diamond in the advancement of technology has greatly increased its value. If you think that diamonds are only used as accessories, then you still don’t know the other uses of this gem. The strongest and best cutting/drilling equipments use diamonds. Sensitive equipments also use diamonds, these includes communication equipment, computers and other high-tech gadgets. Since diamonds can resist very high temperatures, they are very suitable as parts/add-ons in various technological equipments

This means that almost everyone owns a diamond in their own homes and it is not just about the accessory. Your home appliances and modern equipments may have diamonds embedded in them. It is still a mystery on how something so brittle can become something very valuable to humankind. It just proves that you can’t judge anything on the way it looks. Something that you consider normal, when polished can turn into a marvelous gem.

Countries that produce diamonds regulate the amount of diamonds they sell on the market. In doing so, they are able to maintain the competitive prices of diamonds in the world market.


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