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Why is Diwali Celebrated?

Why is Diwali Celebrated?

Diwali is the festival of joy and passion. People in India celebrate this festival as a mark of happiness for the return of Lord Rama from 14 years of his exile in the forest. After mother Seeta was taken away by Ravana in the forest, Lord Rama fought with Ravana and released mother Seeta. Lord Rama later returned to His kingdom Ayodhya after a longtime. This event is celebrated by Hindus in north India as Diwali. Diwali is also celebrated by other religions too apart from Hindus. There are many more reasons why Diwali is celebrated. The other reasons are:

In ancient scriptures, it is said that there was a churning of ocean by a mountain called ‘Mandhara’ by devas and demons. On full moon day of Karthika month Goddess Lakshmi was born from the ocean. This day of Birth of Lakshmi is celebrated as Diwali.

It is said that on this day of Diwali Lord Vishnu in the form of Vamana rescued Lakshmi from the prison of Mahabali. Hence mother Lakshmi is worshipped on the day of Diwali.

The reason for Diwali to be celebrated was killing of Demon Narakaasura by Lord Krishna and His wife Sathyabhaama. They both killed Narakaasura and rescued thousands of women in his hold. Hence, the death day of Narakaasura as well as its next day is celebrated as Diwali. This is also considered as the main reason for celebrating Diwali. On this day lamps are lighted and crackers are fired in order to bring the festive mood as well as to remember that the darkness of Narakaasura is gone forever. The crackers also symbolize the victory of Sathyabhaama.

The Diwali day was also depicted as the day of return of Pandavas in Mahabharatha after their exile for 12 years. People who enjoyed the return of Pandavas celebrated this day by lighting lamps.

The other small and unimportant reasons for celebrating Diwali were coronation of King Vikramadithya. It is the day remembered as Maharshi Dayananda, the founder of Arya Samaj and Mahavir Tirthankar have attained salvation.


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