Why is dying with dignity important?

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“Dignity” refers to a person’s value or personality of being worthy, respected, or even esteemed.  It is not something that people ask for but, rather, it is given to every person that exists.  One may feel very worthy of adoration and respect, but if his/her actions are not good to others, he may not be considered dignified.  In simple terms, one cannot expect to be dignified, and the only way to get that kind of respect from other people is to live a life that is also full of respect for other people.  In the case of death, there are various reasons why many people would want to die with dignity.  One basic reason is that it is simple, human nature that we want to gain the respect of the other people around us.  And respect from other people becomes even more important when the time comes that one person is dying.  This particular person would at least want to know if the people he/she met during his/her lifetime would make him/her feel worthy of compassion.

Aside from the clamor for respect from others, dying with dignity has become important for some people because it can also be related to the choices being given to terminally ill patients. For some people, these types of patients deserve more attention, love, care, and respect in terms of handling their so-called end-of-life decisions.  For this concern, many people have pushed for legislation to help doctors and patients decide what’s best for either party.  Through laws that support dying with dignity, doctors will be able to help grant the wishes of their terminally ill patients and not worry about lawsuits and complaints.  In this case, dying with dignity takes the form of giving respect and options to terminally ill patients.  Having these options at this particular stage in life makes dying with dignity very important for some people.

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