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Why is Facebook Free?

Why is Facebook Free?

Face book is a web site where several people register at that site to become members of a friendly community. This is a web site meant for maintaining social contacts and increasing the number of friends for us. Obviously, this web site can bring many people together to see the profile of their friends, share photos with them and send instant messages from that site. This gathering of people for personal sake and interest will make them have a look at many advertisements that can be shown in that web site. These advertisements may fetch money for running that site.
All the more, a web site which demands people’s personal information should also take care and understand the importance of the security of all this information. It should be responsible enough to help the people who are helping it to run as a successful web site. As the main intention of this web site is to gather people all over the world and connect them, all these people are definitely helping the site to exist and run effectively. At least for that reason it has to be a free site.
It is also possible for several web sites to be launched with the help of this site. The new sites can get connected to you through facebook.com. Probably those web sites are paying facebook.com as a part of their launching investment in order to benefit from this site. Face book encourages people to develop their business through their site by connecting to so many users present online available in their site. This type of business expanding groups pay huge amounts to face book by using their site. This fact is proven by looking at the site page where requests for the advertisements are available at the bottom right corner of the page. It is given in one of the face book pages that people can advertise in order to develop their brand and pay for it. So, face book can run free of cost.


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