Why is Florence Nightingale famous?

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Why is Florence Nightingale famous?

Florence nightingale was famous as she shocked many people by nursing the injured soldiers in the World War I. She was considered as founder of modern nursing. Florence studied nursing which was considered as low level job in those days in Germany. Florence Nightingale was born on May 12th in 1820 and died in the year 1910 on 13th August. She believed that she was made to be born on earth to be a nurse. When she helped the injured soldiers during the Crimean war, her first attempt to nurse started. She was nick named from then onwards as the lady with the lamp” as she was going around with the light in her hands during the war.

In the year 1855 and in Crimea, Florence was recognized for her nursing work in the war. The recognition fetched her some money called as ‘Nightingale fund’ which came to use for training the nurses. There after there were many donations that came to her reach. The secretary for the fund was Sidney Herbert and its chairman was Duke of Cambridge.

Nightingale started writing letters from 1856 explaining about the health conditions, dietary facts, physical information, and other significant details of the patients whom she has dealt with. By the year 1859, Florence had with her 45,000 pounds in the fund. In the year 1860 and on the day of July 9th, Florence started a training school at the St. Thomas hospital. The primary services from the Nightingale nurses group started from May 16th in the year 1865 at Liverpool workhouse Infirmary. She later raised funds for building another hospital called Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital in Aylesbury, which is near the family home.

Florence Nightingale wrote a book called Notes on Nursing” that was published in the year 1859. This book was felt by many people as it portrays an excellent introduction to nursing concept. Nightingale led her remaining life by promoting the nursing profession and emerging it in modern form.

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