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Why is Gay marriage wrong?

Why is gay marriage wrong?

In almost all the religions the purpose of marriage is be to beget children, or to perpetuate our family. To perform this, each and every religious group has its own idealism to follow. Most of them believe that a man and woman should be married to each other. The love and affection between them binds them together for their whole life, and gives them a responsibility of raising their children. In this process they learn lessons from their lives, and teach their children what they have learnt.

Ultimately, every person, whether man or woman, have a purpose in his/her life. So, according to ancient scriptures of any religion, we are taught to be practical in following their principles. Nowhere in the scriptures is it indicated that a man should marry a man, or woman with another woman. Yes, it is also not mentioned anywhere that a black should not marry a white, a rich cannot marry poor, and a person from one caste should not marry the one belonging to another caste or religion. So, we do accept inter caste marriages, or inter religion marriages.

However, in this creation of world, there is a basic rule that females and males have their own different characteristics. In nature, both males and females will be healthy and compatible if they naturally exist with the reproductive ability with which they are blessed. For example, a sports person who wants to over perform in the game by administering steroids will only hamper his or her health. If he performs with his own nature and stamina by eating the proper nutritious food, and by doing the necessary exercise, then he can do it with confidence, and become successful. This will give him natural self satisfaction rather than satisfying his desires. Doing something to fulfill the desire will be wrong if the desire is wrong.

Trying to get weird satisfaction; trying to be crazy by doing stupid things which society and culture rejects will never bring natural self satisfaction, just like artificial pesticides can never give equal essence to the crop originality, and in the same way, that anything artificial will tend to destroy us gradually.

I would like to give you an example here to tell you the difference between satisfaction and fulfillment of desire. Just think at this moment that you are very very hungry. You have got a nice big meal in front of you. At the same time you can also see a beggar lying on the road side unable to even raise himself from the ground. He has not eaten food for days. If you offer your nice meal in front of you to that beggar, and watch him eat that food, you can see how eagerly he snatches the food and satisfies his hunger. You might be hungry, which might give you a small pain, but the amount of satisfaction you get when you see the beggar happily eating the food you have offered is real, and that is what natural satisfaction is, which can bring us real happiness. You can try it out by yourself.

This is not to say that we need to give away everything to feel happy. This is just an example of real happiness. It can be achieved by obeying our ancestors, Holy Scriptures, and by following their instructions and not by our inexperienced idiotic reasoning.

It is important to understand that the human body is a temple; as it is said in Hindu scripture ‘Bhagavath Geetha’. We need to keep it healthy by doing yoga. A woman getting married to a man and begetting children is also part of yoga, and a sign of a beginning for achieving perfection. Anything beyond this, regarding gender relationships, tends to be imperfect and illegal.


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  1. This answer is somewhat muddled, switching between uncited claims about the viewpoints of “many religions” and then somehow segueing into steroid use.

    First, the question should be, “why do some people believe gay marriage is wrong?” It is hardly a universally-accepted truth that gay marriage is a problem. It is legal in Canada, Norway, Spain, and many other countries and states: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_marriage

    But, it is certainly true that many people do have deep-seated issues with gay marriage. Verses from religious text are cited as reasons why gay relationships are unacceptable (Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13 are popular examples from the old testament). However, there are a variety of laws in religious texts that are also ignored (as this letter to Dr. Laura somewhat famously points out: http://www.snopes.com/politics/religion/drlaura.asp).

    Why this special treatment for a few anti-gay laws over all the other laws? Well, a _possible_ answer would be that, in the end, certain people really just don’t like the idea of homosexuality. The idea of sexual attraction to the same sex is repulsive to them (as I imagine various gay individuals would probably say the same for opposite sex coupling). Whenever people have strong impulses or ties to one way of behaving, there’s a good chance you’ll see distaste for people with behavior that run a different direction (just take a look at differences in table manners between cultures and you’ll see some good examples of how the same action can be viewed as either disgusting or complimentary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_manners.)

    Regarding the argument above pertaining to satisfaction vs. fulfillment of desires: while it is true that certain short-term goals can overwhelm and individual, and cause them to make poor long term choices, the author here has clearly decided that all unions have the ultimate goal of producing children, and anything less than that is a failure. Not all people share his view (there are almost 7 billion people on the planet: http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html, so reproduction isn’t exactly scarce; and UNICEF estimates the current number of orphans worldwide to be around 210 million, so it would seem that we would benefit from more couples willing to just adopt.)

    As for the author’s claims that all things artificial (a very vague term) will tend to destroy us gradually (which seems almost unrelated to the gay marriage issue), I will assume he/she is leaving out the majority of medicines (like penicillin) and tools (like farming) which we’ve used to greatly extend lifespans and quality of life.

  2. In order for me to make my point should a man marry a dog or a cat because he feels he is inclinned to do so? Should a man have thirty wives and just take care of one of them because he felt inclined to do so? Should a person marry his next of kin like his sister or close relative? Even one better can a man who has a desire and love for an object marry it?
    people who are willing to do such things have always rationalized like all people who do what is wrong. The fact of the debate should be is what values will gay marriage bring to world. What will it give to society. heterosexual marriage is not on trail here so all of these people who are offended should try and show how it is acceptable. We all have desires that are wrong but condoning what is wrong is not a just thing in the world.What is wrong with the world is we have several people destroying the value systems. They do this all in the name of justice when they have no clue what is right or wrong. Without religion being involved could a man with a man procreate or a woman with a woman procreate. Why does society have to accept an Illness from the insecurity of the other group. S

    • Is you SERIOUSLY suggesting marrying someone of your same gender is equivalent to marrying a DOG????
      You are comparing gay people to ANIMALS??
      This is 2013. This is America. There is a difference between respecting your religion and imposing it on others, kay?

      Think about it this way: The gay peoples god believes that gay marriage is fine. By saying they cannot marry, you are preventing them practice their religion, bigot.

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