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Why is ginger ale good for upset stomach

Why is ginger ale good for upset stomach

Ginger ale refers to the kind of soft drink with a taste of ginger that is primarily derived from the juice of the ginger root. And, although considered a carbonated drink, ginger ale is often recommended as an effective upset stomach reliever which some people questions.

Actually, this should not surprise anybody as long as that the ginger ale is produced using real ginger and not just from a flavoring, the ginger’s health benefits are not removed during the process of creating the drink. Anything that is made from ginger, that may be in a form of cookie, tea, herbal supplement, dried, powdered, and in this case a carbonated drink, the product’s ginger effect will still be the same which is basically known to relieve stomach irritations as well as nausea.

Ginger helps a sick person to feel a lot better in three different ways. First, ginger has a warming effect in an individual. It also helps dilate (or enlarge) the blood vessels, ease swelling, and lighten headaches. Second, it is because of the high levels of anti-oxidants and gingerols (the main component of ginger) that are present in gingers that help gets rid of the irritants in the digestive tract thus reducing some of the queasy feeling inside. Third, ginger has an effect that hinders serotonin receptors which also helps in lowering nausea as well as other feelings of uneasiness.

Although ginger ale may have been proven effective to relieve stomach discomforts and other sickness related symptoms, it should not be used as a substitute in getting proper medical attention. It can only be applied to relieve symptoms of minor sickness. Also, ginger ale should only be taken in moderation to prevent any negative effects.

Ginger ale is cheap and can be easily purchased in stores. It can also be mixed with other juices like cranberry or orange and the effect will still be the same, even healthier.


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