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Why is Global Warming a problem?

Why is global warming a problem?

If you have watched the documentary by Al Gore entitled the inconvenient truth”, then the word global warming would seem like a very familiar topic. Global warming happens when there are too much greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide) trapping the sun’s heat and light in the earth’s atmosphere resulting in the increase in the earth’s temperature.

As long as it is balanced, the greenhouse effect makes the earth perfect for people to live in. However, too much heat absorption and less released heat can cause the earth’s surface and climate to warm up. According to recent studies, polar ice caps melt 10 times faster than normal causing the increase of the earth’s water levels and changes the water salinity which over time changes the earth’s weather and climate.

Global warming can cause a chain effect when neglected. Many of us are not aware but this is the largest and most serious problem that we are facing right now. Climate change is happening everywhere, and its effects are very, very real. It affects every living creature here on earth. It affects the crops, the plants and trees, the animals both underwater and on land which in return affects us humans.

Higher floods and tsunamis, stronger typhoons, frequent hurricanes, protracted droughts, increasing forest fires, shorter and warmer winter seasons and hot and drier summers are just some of the major side effects of climate change.

Remember the hurricane Katrina or the killer tsunami in Japan; we are already facing a major climate shift. Natural disasters are getting more and more frequent and are a lot stronger than before. Many plants and animals are dying because of failure to adapt to climate change while disease carrying insects breed much faster due to longer warmer climate.

What makes global warming a major problem is that when taken lightly, it can cause greater damage not only to the present but also to the future generation. That is why a lot of environmentalist, scientists and environmental groups and organizations today are working together in finding a solution to lessen or stop the emission of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


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