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Why is glucose important?

Glucose is a simple sugar that is considered to be the body’s main source of energy.  The various cells in the body need glucose for their energy needs to perform their own functions.  Being the body’s primary energy source, glucose is considered the most important carbohydrate.

Also known as dextrose, glucose can be found circulating in one’s bloodstream. Much of the body’s cellular activities depend on glucose for their energy requirements.  What happens is that glucose, or the sugar from the food people eat, is metabolized to produce energy for various cellular functions such as reproduction, development, and growth.  Without glucose in the bloodstream, these processes won’t be able to take place and will hinder the body from proper functioning.  In order for the body to be at its optimum health, the right amount of glucose must be present in the blood.

With glucose as the main source of fuel for the body’s activities, its level in the bloodstream must be maintained just enough for proper cellular function.  Levels below or above normal are considered unhealthy and should be avoided.  Low glucose circulating in the bloodstream points to low sugar or carbohydrate consumption in terms of food.  To address this concern, one must be able to reach the right amount of carbohydrates from his/her diet. Carbohydrate-rich foods include: rice, bread, pasta, and fruits.  And in the case of excess glucose in the bloodstream, the person may be prone to acquire a condition called diabetes mellitus.  This condition should be avoided as it may cause one’s health to deteriorate.  Too much sugar in the blood may be due to too much sugar in one’s diet, so people should try to avoid eating large quantities of sugary foods like sweets.  Instead, most doctors and dietitians recommend fiber-rich foods for those who have excess glucose in their bloodstream.


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