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Why is GMO bad?

Why is GMO bad?

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Some of the foods and crops are produced by the process of genetic modification. The reason behind the synthesis of genetically modified organisms that was given by the scientists is that they can be made as per our requirements. These GMOs may be grown into larger organisms or more colored products. The genetic modification is thought to produce variations in the products which might cause unpredictable results. Most of the GMOs that are marketed for sales are not maintained by the government.

An organization called the institute for science in society (ISIS) says that GMOs usage is not good for our health. If the genetically modified products that are released into the market are not so challenging they can create contamination of the farm lands with bacteria. An example of genetic engineering is to search for a gene that governs the antifreeze properties of the plant (Artic flounder) that can be taken out. When this gene is spliced into the DNA of tomato then it gains the capacity to develop resistance against frost damage. ISIS also says that genetic engineering of DNA can start to produce Super Viruses, unnecessary bacteria and can also cause cancers. The creation of GMOs may not work out very well and perfectly as desired always. This can lead to the production of resulting organisms with some unpredictable consequences. The safety about usage of this type of crops or foods is still to be studied in detail. But, the scientists are unable to guarantee the safety of the GMOs.

The artificially created mutations in the laboratory are actually unlabelled and untested. Hence they cannot be totally considered as safe for consumption. If the genetic diversity is reduced in an organism, it tends to possess less resistance against the adverse conditions and easily gets susceptible to the diseases. So, it cannot be said that health consequences of GMOs will be good. There are more chances for them to be bad than good. Moreover, the GMOs seem to make use of huge quantities of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides which can cause bad effect on the organisms.


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